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CFC2UML Issue: Throws exception when running on CF8

Name: Throws exception when running on CF8
ID: 8
Project: CFC2UML
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Keith
Created: 09/01/11 7:49 PM
Updated: 09/01/11 7:49 PM
Description: When running the TRANSLATE.cfm page on CF8 server, I always get the output:

STATUS: error
MESSAGE: Error message:Parameter validation error for the CREATEOBJECT function.

This is occurring because file CFC2UML.cfc in the handlers and cfc2umlsta folders both use function CREATEOBJECT without specifying object type "component". While that first parameter is not needed in CF9, that function throws an error in CF8 if the parameter is not included. After I made that minor change in my workspace, the UML file was generated with status SUCCESS.
History: Created by kfortenberry (Keith) : 09/01/11 7:49 PM

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